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What does the insurgency look like in 1774? What issues are the colonists concerned about? What methods are they using? Examples? (in-class writing 10/1)

The insurgency in 1774 in the colonies took on a new fervor. After the Boston Tea Party in 1773, Parliament passed the series of laws that were the coercive laws which closed the port of Boston, put restrictions on free speech in town meetings among other things. People that were not paying too much attention to resistance to the Crown up until this point began to because they felt the punishment didn’t fit the crime, and that everyone shouldn’t be punished for something a small group did. By 1774, the insurgency was growing and communities and towns were taking a firmer approach on resisting parliament’s laws. In chapter 3, Breen discusses the countryside, and people/s displeasure in being considered a 2nd class citizen and growing military occupation.